Friday, May 09, 2003

PC Forum, day 2.5: Will Wright's speech

Will Wright is, of course, the creator of 'The Sims'--including Sim City and its many spinoffs. The main things I remember:

1. I thought, to myself while he was speaking "Wow, he's really bright. How refreshing." The reason I thought this is that he seemed to understand that paradigms (as the word is used in Kuhn's Structure of Scientific Revolutions) are not right or wrong. That is, they are not binary--each has its virtues and its failings. They represent a range of choices, each with its own implications. They are in some ways interchangeable, like a set of clothes....except that when you 'change your clothes,' so to speak, you change your reality.

2. Speaking of clothes, I really liked the dress I was wearing. It definitely improved my reality, even if the PC Forum photographic team, in a momentary lapse, neglected to take my picture. (Thematic note: refer to 1/13/03 for more on the parallel paradigms of computing and clothing...).

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