Saturday, May 03, 2003

I took a break

....Not that I intended to. April just got away from me; it was a flash in the pan. And now it's May, just about my favorite month of the year. What's new: actually, my computer is. I have a new Mac G4 titanium Powerbook, the 12" model. It is a very cool item on all fronts: power, speed, beauty, style, etc. I got it last Wednesday and am still getting to know it. In the mean time, I am shuttling back and forth between the G4 and my trusty 'old' G3 Powerbook. Since the old one uses OS 9.2 and the new one uses OSX (10.25), and some of my software doesn't work on the new one, I set up a little wireless network right here in my living room. I am very proud of myself, since I am not a 'computer person' (whatever that is), but I manage to figure out how to do things using my little noggin.

Topics in my writing "to do" list: Sims creator Will Wright's speech at the PC Forum dinner, Day three of the PC Forum, movies, esp. Standing in the Shadows of Motown--to name just a few. Stay tuned!

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