Sunday, May 16, 2004


Everything has changed here at I like the new look. For one thing, it shook me out of my obsessive, if silent, navel-gazing and jiggled me into looking at how fast the outside world is moving. More importantly it gave me a reason to utter a peep. The more one remains silent, the more one has to say. This can, in turn, morph into a verbiage-abscess, which either implodes or explodes. Either way, it is ugly. Gosh I'm glad I dodged that bullet!

However the original reason for my deciding to post after a comparatively long silence has regrettably devolved to vapor. This is a strange echo of certain substantially vapor-related but otherwise dissimilar late-adolescent experiences where I would have 'absolutely brilliant' thoughts that would later evaporate and/or turn into incomprehensible drivel.

I'm regressing!!! Or maybe I've fallen into some sort of strange wrinkle in psychic time......

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