Wednesday, January 01, 2003

January 1, 2003.
This is the first time I've written that.
Weather is cold, rainy and utterly gloomy here in Philadelphia. The entire family is in a funk, mental, physical, and/or both. Yes, that includes me. I have just now retired to the living room to brood.

Moments ago I read Halley Suitt's proposal for "re-branding" 2003 and, for the record, I completely endorse it. For me, 2002 was a roller coaster ride through the Divine Comedy (Dante's) during an earthquake. These piddling year-to-year (2001, 2002, 2003, etc.) incremental changes are insufficient. I would prefer to radically improve the frame. While I ponder the question, "to what?"-- which could take some time-- I will make four notable observations about my day.
1. I fixed the dryer. [Very impressed with myself over this].
2. I went to a party even though I didn't feel like it (normally I would just decide to not go and make up an excuse). I had a pleasant time.
3. I made a phone call I was dreading, without procrastinating, and it turned out to be quite benign.
4. A man at the party asked me "are you one of those geeks?" and I was totally flattered.
Bonne Annee

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