Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Note to self: READ THE DIRECTIONS! I wrote a quite lovely post last night, my second, and woosh--off it went into the ether (no, not the ethernet--if I'd done that it wouldn't be gone forever). Since I've been contemplating this for oh, maybe 4 years--even before blogs were invented--I've saved up a lot of material. I could write all day if I didn't have this silly day job.

Outstanding quote from one of the best books ever written, The Confederacy of Dunces (by John Kennedy O'Toole): "The Gyre had widened; The Great Chain of Being had snapped like so many paper clips strung together by some drooling idiot; death, destruction, anarchy, progress, ambition, and self improvement were to be Piers' new fate. And a vicious fate it was to be: now he was faced with the perversion of having to GO TO WORK."

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