Economic Psychology

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Economic Psychology

How and why markets aren't rational. Navigational tips for charting the Bermuda Triangle of human economic behavior.

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Welcome to what has become a de facto bi-monthly blog
For me, this has to be among the most interesting topics on the face of the planet. Yet, I seem to find every possible way of avoiding writing about it. What's that about? Am I flogging myself for not blogging? Am I anxious because I take it seriously, unlike many other things? The different 'diagnoses' have different 'treatment' implications, so I will need to ponder more deeply.

In the mean time, I am bookmarking the topic of "ethnomathematics"--which is not precisely economic psychology but shares some important elements with it. For instance, both are based on the notion that no human being can look at the world through a clear, non-distorting "rational" lens. The corollary to this is found in the question, "Yes, but doesn't that make things all the more interesting because it gives us a chance to learn an awful lot about the lens?"