Economic Psychology

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Economic Psychology

How and why markets aren't rational. Navigational tips for charting the Bermuda Triangle of human economic behavior.

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Knowledge Management Dilemma
Somehow, having ruminated over this topic for oh, maybe 15 years (optimistically), I can't seem to get anything to transfer from my brain to the (virtual) page. Random thought--great economic achievement does not usually result from procrastination.

(Note that procrastination was my dissertation topic. Yes, I did graduate--I was the first in my class to do so. It was a paradoxical intervention).

A major milestone in my personal 'cure' came when I resolved that rather than setting out to wash the mountain of dishes in my sink, I would instead courageously endeavor to wash one fork. The implementation was a success!! In fact I washed several forks, and maybe a spoon or two.

In short, please consider this post to be my economic psychology 'fork.'

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